Greetings from Brazil!

Mestre Papa Leguas in his academy in Patos de minas, Brasil. My home for the next three weeks

Hi guys, greetings from Brazil.


After a few days in Salvador visiting Capoeira history, the pelourinho district, the academies of Mestre Joao Pequeno, and Mestre Moraes I have arrived in Patos de Minas.

Patos is a small town half the size of Norwich, and is the home town of ou teacher Mestre Papa -Leguas. We, his students have started to arrive together to train for our “formatura” the recognition of our commitment to Capoeira and ultimatly recieving the title of  “Professor”. We will be supporting the main event in Bahia, at which our teacher will recieve his first level Master belt.

We are cross training… meaning using other forms to increase our fitness etc, so we are doing “functional” training using pull-up bars, olympic rings, swiss balls and light use of weights to increase stamina and speed. We are also training Kick-boxing to use their system to increase our cardio and stamina. Of course we are training Capoeira as well, coaching each other and getting prepared for the ” do, or do not” attitude in the roda here.

Here Capoeiristas go for it, they do not mark or show that they could, they follow through with everything. This is not necessarily a good thing for them, it means they are predictable, however they will take advantage unless you really hit them or take them down. Subtlty is only going to be percieved by the on-lookers and yourself, your opponent is just simply going to keep trying to “win”. With this in mind, we enter the roda knowing what to expect and can control the game in a more black and white way… watch out here we come!


Take care all. Merry Xmas


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  1. We are all supporting you guys. Good luck and have a great time.
    Merry Xmas and ano novo.

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