Mestre Papa-Léguas

Contra Mestre Papa Léguas

Mestre Papa Léguas

Jaime de Oliveira Gontijo: Mestre Papa-Léguas, was Born 19 June 1981 in Patos de Minas, Minas Gerais, Brazil. He started Capoeira at the age of 14 in Patos de Minas, where he was training under the monitoring of Contra-Mestre Chicote.

The first group he joined was Grupo Afro, but after two years his former teacher split from this group and they moved under the group Raizes – Cordão De Ouro of Mestre Ze Paulo in Belo Horizonte, Mina Gerais.

Formed as Instructor, and already teaching together with his former teacher, he decided in 2000 to move to London where, with the help of Professor Rilene and Rejane from the Group Amazonas Capoeira, he started to give his first classes in the UK.

Then he moved to Burton on Trent for 6 months where he taught Capoeira at the local college in the performing arts course. In 2001 he moved again, this time to Nottingham where he established his group, Cordão De Ouro Nottingham. His work started to grow and in 2004 he opened the first Cordão De Ouro Academy in the UK. Since then Cordão De Ouro Nottingham has continued to grow, to include classes in schools and universities.

In November 2008 he moved to Crete, to open up another branch of Cordão De Ouro in Heraklion, handing over the Nottingham group to two of his leading graduated students, Instructors Tatu and Tatanka. In June 2009 CDO Heraklion celebrated its first Batizado (grading event), with visiting masters and teachers from throughout Europe and the UK attending. In June 2010, CDO Heraklion celebrated its second very successful batizado.

In January 2011, Mestre Papa Leguas moved back to the UK to continue his coordination of his UK groups and opened a new group in Norwich. He is currently back with his family in his home town, Patos de Minas (Minas Gerais).

In January 2014, Papa-Leguas was named Mestre by his teacher, Mestre Suassuna at Capoeirando event in Bahia.