Professor Cascao

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Over the fifteen years I have been learning Capoeira, I have met some of the most incredible people. I would like to thank, in no particular order, Raul, Medusa, Galinha and Cuca from the core of this journey, to Magoo, Andie, Mosquito (Sangue Bom), Golfinho de Ouro, Feliz, all the ex-Norwich crew, all the new Norwich crew, Flecha, Tatanka, Mascote, Tatu, Cacau and the Ditchmont massive, all the crew in Nottingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, Grega and everyone in Creta, Greece, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Grito, CM Malvada and the Israeli crew, Noko and the Indonesian crew, Ukraine and Russia, Basque country, Italy, Holland, Austria, Scotland, all the Senzala crew and of course everyone in Brasil and all the Professores, Contra-Mestres, Mestres that I have been honored to meet and train under. Friends old and new. Anyone I forgot. Abracao para Mestrissimo Suassuna.

Special thanks to Mestre Papa-Leguas for all your patience, support and guidance.

There are many more adventures around the world to come and our doors are always open here in Norwich.
Cascao x